Goodbye, For The Last Time

goodbyeA year ago, I got introduced to a wonderful teacher with a passion for blogging. She opened a blog for me and my class and showed us how it worked. Now here I am, writing my goodbye. Today, I will explain to you my likes and dislikes about having my own blog.

At first, blogging was very tough. Let’s just say that my computer skills aren’t very good. Typing was my biggest weakness. I was so slow that my classmates would be done everytime I finished my first paragraph. This blogging experience help me outrun some people while typing, just like I am now in my school’s lab. Trough out the whole year, my typing got better and better giving me an advantage for my next years in high school.

Another thing I improved in was computers completely. I didn’t know about saving pictures or coding at all. On my first day, I was about to cry, everyone knew what they were doing but me. That’s why I hated English at first. As I think about it, imagine if I was as clueless as I was last year, next year would be a real horror movie. Continue reading

What there was… before video games

clueDo you remember that time when we had no CDs, no Ipods and no video games? Well I do. When I was young, We had a trailor up in a small camping, everyday we would go outside and play the same board game. Clue. Through my whole life, Clue has been one of our famous family games. Some of the time, neighbors that were watching us have fun would come along to play. We loved the game so much that we dressed up as the Clue characters last year for halloween. I was Miss Peckock!

I especially like Clue because it is so mysterious. Continue reading

Success… What is it?

successIn class today, we have been asked to write a post about success. In the whole period, I kept on asking myself the same questions: What is success? What are the qualities of a successful person? Who is successful? As I was reflecting, I thought to myself, what if everyone was asking themselves the exact same questions. That is why I have decided to make my post a little different and actually write the questions so that I can answer what I think about it.

What is success? Continue reading

” Chez Bonbons Comme Autre Fois ”

bonbon d'autre foisI love candy! Do you? I am here to tell you about my favorite place to go get some. It’s called ” Chez Bonbons Comme Autre Fois ” which means ” Candy like old times ” in English. It is a small place but that doesn’t take away the quality. You just walk in and there’s piles and piles of candy in plenty of different bottles. You can choose whatever you like, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, you make your own mixture of candy. I especially like jujubes, when I come home from there, I have a whole bag with jujubes. There’s so much of Continue reading

Are You On The Green Team?

green teamHave you ever thought to yourself ‘’ One piece of garbage won’t kill anyone. ‘’ Well, guess what? Over 10 000 people are thinking that right this second. Now you should think to yourself ‘’ will 10 000 pieces of garbage kill anyone? ‘’ It will. That is exactly what people don’t understand, you are not the only one polluting. A lot of people around the world think of pollution in the same way, I am here to give you another point of view.

What do you think pollution is destroying? You don’t need to be Einstein to know that pollution is destroying our food, water, air and animals. However, I may have another theory. Some people might think I am insane but I think that it destroys our emotions, creativity and personality. Have you ever looked outside on a rainy day? How did you feel? It’s depressing! Now imagine walking in garbage filled streets with smoke everywhere and everything is pitch black. There is no more beauty of life, no more reason to wake up in the morning. When the world is running out of water, will they Continue reading

Striking For The Iron Horse



STRIKER! I wake up. Horses are rushing all over the place. I am home.

As I stand up, the grass tickles my fur and my legs start to waddle as if I hadn’t stood up in days. However, when I turn around my mom is in tears. I rush over to her, what could be wrong? I approach her, staring at her trying to figure out what is happening.

‘’ Striker, it’s your brother ‘’. My stomach drops to the floor. ‘’ I can’t find him anywhere.’’ Slowly, a tear drips down my face, he’s an innocent horse. He would never run away. Something must have taken him! Without thinking I gallop straight towards the forest convinced to find my brother. I know, a horse shouldn’t stroll in the woods alone but I am no simple horse, I am a stallion. I have to admit it is pretty frightening in here, always having the feeling that someone is observing me, but I keep marching. I walk for about 3 hours worried about my sibling. Continue reading

Do you want to learn an awesome new code?

coding alexWe’ve all heard about spy ink and new alphabets, but today I want to teach you a new secret code. This code is pretty simple, it can be used for passing notes or even sending a letter that you don’t want anybody else to see. I discovered this code last year in French class, I WAS BORED. I just thought it would be cool to share this code with every one else so that they can use it. So here it is :


I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I  I   I   I  I  I  I

Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D C B A Continue reading

My Comments For Challenge Four

I guess you have heard that challenge four’s challenge is commenting on 5 blogs all around the world.  Lately I have written four comments to Australia on Mr. Chris Hope’s class, Phoebe, Gracie, Shona and Breahna.  All those blogs were incredible and I hope to be able to visit them again!

For my last comment, I went to someone’s blog in Ireland. His name was Saverio and wrote a great About Me post. It was fun to learn about people all around the world.  I loved doing this challenge!

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